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ID Number: KP-D001

Name: Guy Sensei

Breed: Chihuahua-Terrier Mix

Sex: Male

Age: under 1 year

Neutered/Spayed: not yet (pending healing from surgery)

Vaccinated: yes

Good with cats: unknown

Good with children: Not recommended yet

Good with dogs/other animals: unknown

Status: adopted

Volunteers involved: PEg, Kim

Rescuer/foster contact: Kim

Location: Kailua

December 12, 2018

Guy Sensei1.jpg

From Guy Sensei's wonderful CSHAF foster mom:

This is Guy Sensei, or just Sensei for short. He is almost-but-not-quite 1 year old, and is a Chihuahua/Terrier/Something mix with really loooong legs. 

Before we met Sensei, it seems that this pup had fractured his leg somehow, but managed to keep it a secret from his owners and then jumped off a bed and broke it for real. They were not able to afford his medical treatment and were going to take him to the Humane Society to surrender him where he would have had his leg amputated.

Somehow a foster person found out about him and decided to take him to the vet. It would have been very expensive to have his leg amputated (which is what they would normally do in his particular situation) but they found Dr. Lam at the VCA Family at Pearl City who was willing to work with CSHAF – he donated his time and expertise; CSHAF paid for medication, bandages, hospitalization costs, radiographs, surgical expenses, etc.


Long story short, it has been many months and two foster families since this little man could come out of his kennel other than to relieve himself. 

As of now his cast and his cone are off, and although he still has to take it slow, he is making strides in the right direction. He will be neutered soon and has his last x-ray in a week or so.

He loves people, but because of a lack of socialization due to being kenneled for so long, he gets overstimulated VERY easily when it comes to other animals – especially dogs. He also has some separation anxiety, probably because he can't get enough exercise because of his leg, and because he has been through a few different owners in a short time. 

The good news is that he is "assisting me" in my own schooling to become a dog trainer, so by mid January he will be able to move around without concern and we will be starting obedience classes, together!!


He is a very sweet, very active young dog looking forward to a healthy life with all his legs and a happy Forever Home!

Guy Sensei3.jpg

December 18, 2018

An update on little Guy Sensei! He is finishing his shots this week, and he is meeting with a trainer. (His foster mom is learning to be a trainer herself!) Sensei had a fun weekend – he went for his very first hike! He did a great job, but was too excited to sit still for his picture, so we only got one. Also, his foster mom bought him a Calvin & Susie Holiday Aloha Shirt! Doesn't he look festive? Guy Sensei is blossoming and progressing so well! 

January 11, 2019

Guy Sensei's latest checkup went really well and he's been okayed to get neutered! He is now available for adoption! 

May 1, 2019

Guy Sensei found a Forever Home!

We are delighted to announce that Guy's new Forever Human seems to be the perfect match for this amazing boy. Not only does she possess the patience and calm needed to help Guy gain confidence, but she's also an apprentice dog trainer! We have no doubt that Guy is in the best hands possible. In the time they've spent together, the change in Guy is already significant and so positive. His anxiety has decreased and he's even excited to learn new tricks! 

Seeing Guy go from a frightened, injured rescue to an eager, bright-eyed Furry Family Member is the greatest reward we could ask for. 

Go Guy Go! Here's wishing you a lifetime of tasty treats, cozy beds, and exciting adventures! 

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