ID Number:  kl-001

Name:  mr bud brown

Breed:  pit/staffie mix

Age:  8-10 months

Sex: male

size: current weight 45lbs

Neutered/spayed: No

Good with other dogs:  yes

Good with children:  unknown

Good with cats: yes

Status: adopted!

CSHAF Volunteers involved:  alli y, Gary k

rescuer/Foster:  Katie L

Located:  honolulu

Aug 5, 2017

Earlier this week, on the way home from work, his rescuer came across a puppy sitting on the side of the road directly at the dump in Waimanalo.  It looked like somebody dropped him there.  She also sensed that something was wrong, so she pulled over and got out to look. The puppy was scared and shivering, tail tucked so tight to his body that it didn't even look like he had a tail.  She slowly approached him, and at about 10 feet away, she turned away from him and knelt down and let him come to her. He eventually did, and boy, was he happy once he realized that she was a kind person. His tail wouldn't quit wagging (still tucked but wagging ...)!  He was a bit skinny but not too bad.  She immediately gave him some water since he was very very thirsty.  She introduced her dog to him. They loved each other right off the bat! So she picked him up and placed him in her truck and brought him home.

Once at home, she gave him a LONG BATH.  He stood there for at least an hour and let her do what she had to do without any resistance.   He was not only covered in fleas and ticks, he had wounds all over his body - massive deep old scars going down his neck.  He had over 30 small to large scars all over his head, neck, his legs, all that different stages of healing.  There were old bite scars on all his legs and on the side of his face and his snout.  He also had fresh, deep, bloody and dirty wounds behind his ear and on the side of neck. 

This sweet puppy just sat still the entire time she scrubbed, shaved, and cleaned up all his wounds.  She even clipped his long shart nails.  Through it all, he never complained. He didn't flinch. He didn't bat an eye. He was just so happy to be loved. He is amazing.  He has a very wonderful personality.  he's a truly special boy.

Aug 7, 2017

Today, we sent him to Kalihi Pet Clinic to get checked out and get his wounds tended to.  So now he is up to date on his vaccination, micro-chipped, and got his flea/tick medication.  

CSHAF will also have him neutered and he will be available for adoption.   

If you have any inquiries for this very special boy, please contact us.

Aug 28, 2017

We are delighted to announce that his rescuer has found a Forever Home and a Forever Family for Mr Bud Brown!

After working extensively with Mr. Brown's rescuer/foster – home visits, puppy training, overnight stays – his new family was ready to make it official! He's now been living with them for a week and is being showered with love. 

He has 2 other canine siblings and a 10-year old human sister who will dote on him. The rescuer will continue to work with his new family for his puppy training, and will follow through with his neuter.  

From hopefully wagging his tail at the dumpster to snoozing in a cushy bed (with a sleep mask to boot!), Mr. Brown's happy ending is what we hope for all the animals we help! 

Ho'omai'ka'i 'ana Mr. Bud Brown and Family!