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ID Number: KL-D001

Name: Vita

Breed: Poi dog

Sex: female

Age: approximately 8-10 years old

Neutered/Spayed: UNKNOWn -- check back soon!

Vaccinated: unknown -- check back soon! 

Good with cats: unknown

Good with children: Unknown 

Good with dogs/other animals: Needs to be alpha with other dogs but not seemingly dangerous; ignores cats.

Status: adopted

Volunteers involved: Gary, Katie L. 

Rescuer/foster contact: Gary

Location: Waimanalo 

July 18, 2019

Vita is an older dog probably about 8 to 10. She just wants to snooze and be loved. Potty trained, very quiet, and very, very sweet, she loves people and is good with baths!


Vita ignores cats and gets along with dogs as long as they leave her alone. She is really good at walking on leash and has never been aggressive toward humans. However she does warn other dogs she doesn’t want to be bothered by. She seems to be very intense when other dogs have high energy – she will raise hackles and tippy-toes and try to intimidate them into behaving...then she just walks off. 

Not all dogs take this well. Please consider this if you have dogs and you're considering bringing Vita into your home!

Vita also seems a bit protective over food with other dogs; she might be a good match for homes with super chill dogs that won’t bother her or no dogs at all. She may make a great "only child".  


Vita is full of scars and has had been breed, probably multiple times. She seems to have been a hunting dog too. She also has a scar of an embedded collar which was definitely some sort of wire. Poor baby. 


Vita deserves a second chance and eats up all the love and attention she gets – she wants to love and be loved so badly! Despite her past, Vita is SUCH A GOOD GIRL! She is currently in an emergency foster situation (in Waimānalo) that cannot keep her for very long. She needs another foster/adopter immediately.


FROM CURRENT FOSTER: If you are interested in adopting or fostering Vita, the current foster will be very detailed and ask lots of questions to ensure she goes to the right foster/adopter! 




If you're interested in adopting Vita, click the button below and fill out an adoption application. Once complete, submit the application to for review. Thank you! 

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