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ID Number: CS-C003

Name: Barney

Sex: Male

Age: 3 Months

Neutered/Spayed: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Good with other cats: Yes; limited exposure

Good with children: unknown

Good with dogs/other animals: unknown

Status: adopted!

Volunteers involved: Peg, Alli Y

rescuer:  Shannon H

CSHAF Foster:  Micky Y

located:  honolulu

July 30, 2017

This little guy is Barney. Look at those paws! We just met Barney, but we can already tell he's a character. Already litter box trained, this fella will surely blossom in a Forever Home.  He has a gorgeous coat, and is going to grow up to be such a handsome cat! Might Barney grow up with you?

Aug 10, 2017

I had the pleasure of directly having his company for 2 days.  I am a dog person and never had a cat.  I know a lot about nutrition, but I have no real first hand knowledge of caring for them.  So I am not sure how a young cat like this is supposed to behave.  So I carried him around like a puppy, fed him, and basically talked to him like a little dog.  And so far, I don't see much difference other than he is very flexible, and he likes his belly rubbed and getting pets much more than any puppy I have ever had.  He is just a darling, sweet, loving cat.

When we took him in from his rescuer 2 nights ago, he arrived with fleas and he was squinting his left eye.  So we took him to Dr Obara at Kalihi Pet Clinic who gave him wonderful care.  He got an antibiotic shot, some eye ointment, flea treatment, and by the end of the visit, he was as good as new.  Dr Obara estimates his age around 5-6 months.

Through the car ride from Kailua to town, he was quiet and perfectly behaved.

Dr Obara at Kalihi Pet Clinic took this beautiful portrait of Barney.  

Since he was crate bound, I felt that he might need to stretch his legs, and as a dog person, I put him in a harness and walked him around the house.  I was told this was very not-feline thing to do, but he was perfect. He loves company.  When I come to see him in his crate, he reaches his hand out to touch me.  

He will be moving to an experienced cat foster today where he will receive more proper care, but I will miss him.  :-)

August 30, 2017

Barney is adopted and is beloved in his new home.  

Have a sweet, wonderful life, Barney.  

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