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ID Number:  CS-c001

Name:  Guinevere

Breed:  grey tabby

Age:  5 weeks

Sex: female

Neutered/spayed: No

Good with other cats:  unknown

Good with dogs: unknown

Good with children:  unknown

Status: adopted!

rescued by:  gabriele S. on july 16, 2017

cSHAF Foster:  Kim H.

July 27, 2017


A kind woman contacted us on July 16 with photos of a tiny kitten that was walking in circles in the middle of the road.  She picked her up because to leave her would mean sure death.  It was quickly obvious from the photos she sent us why the kitten was walking in circles - because she couldn't see.  In fact, we couldn't even tell if the little kitten had eyes.  

So we took her in and we pretty much expected her to be a blind kitty.  Well, we are happy to report that we were wrong!  And she's the most adorable little kitty you could imagine.  We call her Guinevere in honor of our first CSHAF rescue dog Arthur.  :-)

She's feeling much better and here's a little 'hello' from Gwen herself.  


My name is Guinevere! I was found wandering in circles in the middle of the road. My eyes were so swollen with conjunctivitis that I couldn't see where I was going, but thankfully a kind lady came along and picked me up, saving me from cars, and also from the hot sun!

My rescuer was already taking care of another sick kitten, and couldn't keep me herself, but she drove all the way from Makaha to Kailua to drop me off with a foster human who could!


My first night was pretty awful. We went to the emergency vet's office and were there for four hours! They said I had ear mites, as well as conjunctivitis, but although my eyelids were so infected that the vet couldn't actually see my tiny eyeballs underneath the swelling, she did have some good news. I didn't have a respiratory infection! My foster mom was expecting the worst because I had been sneezing all evening...

Better with medicine, but my eyes are still gross.  Good thing my Foster Mom has no other cats because the doctor says it's contagious to other kitties!


I was dewormed and sent home with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. I'm not old enough for ear mite treatment yet but I will be as soon as I turn eight weeks old. In the meantime my Foster Mom got a natural ear cleaner from her work at Calvin & Susie in Kailua.


Today marks one whole week that I have been getting properly cared for. I'm still in "quarantine" on the kitchen floor, but have been feeling remarkably better! Good enough, in fact, to climb to the top of my fence and look around. My eyes are still pretty gross, but the swelling has gone down enough that I can see, finally!


Hey Look at ME!  I made it up here!    ...Wait... hmmm...  Now what?!?!

My FM makes me Honest Kitchen cat/kitten food mixed with Primal goat milk so my belly is always full, and I get to play as much as I want with my favorite toys: A red clown nose, and a peacock feather.

Yum.  Goat Milk!

My favorite times!  Sleepy time and Snack time!

You would hardly even recognize me as the same kitten that was rescued just a week ago. I'm on my way to become a happy, healthy, housecat!                                


      ** Love, Guinevere 💕                                             

Told you I knew how to use the litter box!  😅

Aug 8, 2017


Guinevere is coming along nicely.  Her eyes are completely cleared up and now that she's old enough, started her mite treatment.  Please inquire if you are interested in adopting this sweet little kitten.  

Aug 28,2017


Guinevere has found her forever home.  We will miss her but her new home will have plenty of space and love for her. 

Bye bye, sweet Gwen!  

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